IH 4900 1280SS RC AL90 2
This was a fun one. A producer called from Polson, MT and was
interested in a boom retrofit for his older Big A three wheeler. We
had it trucked down to our shop and the original booms had
definitely seen better days. We had a used set of Stahly 75ft straight
booms available, so we went with those. We stripped off the old
booms and center rack and started in. The Stahly booms almost fell
into place. We added a few little brackets here and there and new
front boom racks. Also had to add 2 more hydraulic outlets to
accomodate the Stahly hydraulics. Boom!..Done!
Another very nice truck that went down to Moore, MT. The
operator wanted to be able to move down the road faster than their
older high clearance hydro and have more capacity. One of the
outstanding features of this truck is the 2 speed Rockwell planetary
rear axle. STOUT. This IH 4900 has 300HP 530 IH engine. We replaced
the original Loral liquid system with a brand new Stahly SS 1280 tank
and system. The customer originally opted for 90ft aluminum booms
but after having them in the field for a while we swapped them out
for the original  Stahly straight steel 80s. Row crop tires, with 46in
rears. To accommodate the larger rears, we had Precision Tank build
us custom SS fenders (not shown in this photo)  Raven controller,
Trimble EZ Guide and EZ Steer. The customer has mentioned a
number of times about how much more mud this truck will go
through than their high clearance machine.
*  Older Big A Three Wheeler
*  Replaced original 60ft booms with used 75ft Stahly straight steel
*  1999 IH 4900
*  300 HP IH 530, Allison Auto trans,
*  38,000# Rockwell planetary rear axle, row crop tires
*  New Stahly 1280 SS system, 60 gal rinse, SS induction cone
*  SS spray tubes, triple nozzle bodies, SS foamer
*  80ft Stahly steel straight booms, self level center rack
*  Hydraulic pump drive, SS Hypro 2x1-1/2 pump,
*  Electric in-cab sparger control  
*  Raven 450 controller, Trimble EZ Guide 500, EZ Steer
A custom applicator near Fort Benton, MT contacted us about
building a sprayer for him. His main need was mobility. to be able to
move from job to job at highway speeds along with the other
features that go along with all our products: simplicity and value. He
had a C7000 Chevy with a 427 gas and a 5 speed trans. It is a natural
for this sized system. We had another used set of 60ft precision
booms, so we reconditioned them and with the custom built spray
frame sent them out for black powder coat. Honda powered spray
system as well as self contained boom hydraulics. These units are
held onto the truck with 6 U bolts and can be moved to another
chassis very easily. A set of super singles and some alloy wheels were
a nice touch.
*  199? Chevy Top Kick C7000
*   427 gas, 5 speed manual, 2 speed rear axle
*   Super single tires and alloy wheels  
*   New Ag Trucks 1000gallon poly system, 50 gallon rinse,
reconditioned 60ft Precision straight steel booms and center   
rack, air shock  cushioned, SS spray tubes, triple nozzle bodies.
*   Raven 440 controller, GPS speed, Trimble EZ Guide 500, EZ       
GM 1000P SFL ST60 2
A farmer south of Ryegate, MT called us and wanted to upgrade from
his pick up sprayer and again, wanted more capacity. He had
procured an older, yet mechanically sound Mini Jimmy. The original
spray system was extremely tired, so it was scrapped. We had a used
set of 60ft Precision booms and center rack and reconditioned them
to use on this project. The rest of the system was built by us,
implementing many of the features used in our more expensive SS
sprayers. 1000 gal poly tank, 50 gal rinse tank, SS foamer, Honda drive
with self contained hydraulics to run the booms. The main spray
frame and front boom rack were powder coated. Electric over
hydraulic boom controls and a Raven 440 controller. Very simple and
*  198? GMC Mini Jimmy
*  GM Diesel, Allison Auto, 2 speed rear axle, semi float tires
*  New Ag Trucks 1000 gallon poly  system, 50 gallon rinse
*  Honda engine drive, Hypro pump, SS foamer,
*  Self contained hydraulics with electric over hydraulic boom      
*  Reconditioned 60ft Precision straight steel booms, SS spray       
*  Raven 440 controller, Raven GPS speed sensor
GM 1000P SFL ST60
This truck was purchased by a producer near Reserve, MT that
wanted to be able to move and spray faster than the pull type unit
that he was currently using. The spray system is a used unit, but was
fully reconditioned. Rear rack and boom rack were removed,
updated and powder-coated, We replaced the worn original steel
boom and replaced it with a new 90ft Pommier boom and center
rack. We also converted the original oversized PTO pump with a
better sized Hypro with Honda drive.
*  1998 Stahly 8500 GMC Kodiak
*  250 HP Cat 3116, Allison Auto, 2 speed rear axle
*  Straight front axle with 12in total lift with row crop tires
*  Reconditioned Stahly 1280 SS Tank, 60 gal rinse, SS mixing cone
*  Tig welded SS plumbing, Honda drive, 2x1-1/2 Hypro pump
*  Powder coated Stahly back rack, new hydraulics,
*  90ft Pommier aluminum booms and self-level center rack
*  New Raven 440, flowmeter, servo, GPS speed, boom valves
*  SS Spray tubes  
GM 1280SS RC AL90 3
This unit was one of the nicest trucks that we have seen. Big and
stout from the double steering boxes on the 16,000# straight front
axle all the way through the 300 HP IH 530 back to the 38,000#
Meritor rear axle. The customer from north of Cut Bank, MT was
looking to replace one of their older spray trucks and they were also
looking to move up in capacity. We replaced the original back rack
with a newer version and along with that we replaced the original 60
- 80 ft folding boom with the new Stahly steel 80ft straight boom as
pictured. The 1600 SS tank allows for many acres covered between
fills. They also wanted to keep the full float tire option to help
smooth the ride in some of the rougher ground and allowing them to
tread lightly in wetter conditions. In the cab they also asked for
Trimble: EZ Guide 500 and  EZ Boom with auto steer to be added
later. These producers have used trucks for spraying for many
seasons and knew what they wanted.
*  1999 Stahly IH 2554, 300HP IH 530, Allison Electronic Trans
*  2 speed Rockwell drop box, 38,000# Rockwell Meritor rear axle  
*  16,000# Straight front axle with dual steering boxes
*  1600 Gallon SS tank, 2 - 100 gallon rinse tanks, SS Induction cone
*   Hydraulic pump drive, SS 2x1-1/2 Hypro pump, SS spray tubes
*   New Stahly center section, New Stahly 80ft steel straight boom
*   New Raven flow meter, servo, boom valves, triple nozzle bodies
*   Trimble: EZ Guide, EZ Boom, and future EZ Steer
IH 1600SS FFL ST80
This system went to a producer north of Havre, MT. The farmer
wanted to upgrade from a pick up sprayer  to something with more
capacity, yet still be light weight, economical, and get down the
road in a timely manner . Their ground is well suited to the wide
Pommier booms. The stainless steel construction was also a draw to
them, understanding the quality and longevity that stainless has to
offer. The spray system is driven by economical, dependable 20 HP
Honda power. This unit also includes Trimble:  EZ Steer, EZ Guide
500, and EZ Boom. All in all this sprayer should deliver dependable
service for many years to come.
*  1997 Stahly 8500 GMC Kodiak
*  250 HP Cat 3116, Allison Auto, 2 Speed Rear Axle,
*  Straight Front Axle, 12 inch Total Lift, Row Crop Tires
*  New Stahly Liquid System, 1280 Gallon SS Tank, 60 Gallon Rinse
*  All Tig Welded SS Plumbing, SS Induction Cone, Honda Drive
*  90 FT Pommier Aluminum Booms, Stahly Self Level Back Rack
*  Trimble: EZ Steer, EZ Guide, EZ Boom  
GM 1280SS RC AL90
A farmer at Chester, Montana was looking for a replacement for
their current pick up sprayer. Like many others: mobility was a main
concern as well as longevity. Another problem they had was rough
ground due to gopher and badger infestations. They selected a
1280 gallon stainless system with a self-level, 80' boom and semi-float
tires. The small floater tires offered a smoother ride as well as
flotation. They chose this boom, because it was the same width as
their previous sprayer but offering 2.5 times the capacity. The
truck is a very nice truck with an automatic transmission. Truck
modifications included, frame shortening, front lift, front fender
extensions, wide entry steps auxillary transmission cooler, new
lower rear gears. This project turned out very nice and should
offer many years of good service.
2000IH 1280SS SFL ST80
This truck is as nice as any one that we have done. A producer came
to us wanting a sprayer that offered longevity, mobility, capacity,
light weight, narrow track, and economy. This farmer and his son,
became poster children for what a truck mounted sprayer can offer.
The platform is a 1997, rebuilt, IH 4900. The system is our typical 1280
SS tank with 80 ft steel boom. They chose row crop tire
configuration with 60 in tall rears and 46 in super singles for the
fronts. The front is lifted 6 inches to allow for taller fronts, along
with fender and bumper extensions. Old 4.10 gears were swapped
out for 7.17s. Trimble 500 and EZ Steer complete this exceptional
* 1997 IH 4900, 230 HP, Allison automatic, 7.17 gears
* 7.17 Rear gears, row crop rear tires, super single fronts
* 1280 gallon SS tank, 60 gallon rinse
*Stahly self-level center rack / 80ft Stahly booms
*24hp Honda pump drive
*Trimble 500 / EZ guide / EZ Steer
1997IH 1280SS RC ST80
This producer had a very serviceable Big A sprayer that for the most
part, just needed new booms. We replaced the original booms with a
Stahly rigid center section and Stahly 80ft booms. We also added new
SS spray tubes with triple nozzle bodies and then rearranged the
boom valves and Raven components. We also rebuilt the middle boom
racks to accommodate the upgrades. All new hydraulic cylinders and
hoses also. Ready for another 20 years of service.
1980's Big A sprayer / 1800 gallon tank
Stahly ridgid center rack and 80ft booms
New SS spray tubes / triple nozzle bodies
New hydraulic cylinders and hoses
upgrades to all pump plumbing
Stahly Boom Retrofit Big A
This customer wanted a smaller boom truck sprayer to compliment
their large pull type sprayer. The brought us a FL 120 Freighttliner
chassis and we installed a 1280 SS system with a 60ft Stahly boom.
The booms and the center section were actually used booms that
we touched up and then had powder-coated. They looked just like
new. Hydraulic drive for the spray pump and a small induction cone.
They chose super single tires as they had firmer ground and planned
to use it mostly spraying in-crop. The system was set up with Raven
control components run by a John Deere Console with auto steer.
* Freightliner FL 120 chassis / super single tires
*1280 gallon SS tank / 60 gallon rinse
*New Stahly truck side rigid rack
* Used and reconditioned Stahly 60ft booms
* Ss spray tubes with triple nozzle bodies
FL 1280SS SS ST 60
This customer had purchaed a mini pick up and requested a 50 gallon
skid mount sprayer for spraying around the yard and also spot
spraying around the farm. We mounted a 50 gallon Wylie skid mount
sprayer in the back, behind the cab, and mounted a Wylie Extender
boom on the rear. We also had to completely fabricate the rear
mounting system as these trucks have no substantial bumper or hitch
area. the boom  also has boom buster noxzzles at each end to allow a
40 ft spray swath. Electric controls in the cab.
* Mini pick up
* Wylie 50 gallon skid sprayer / electric pump
* Wylie 12 ft extender boom with boom buster end nozzles
* 40ft spray swath
* Boom detaches quickly to allow other uses for truck
* 50 ft recoil hose reel with Tee Jet gun
Wylie 50 gal Skid w Extender Boom
* 2000 IH 4900 truck, 230Hp, Allison automatic
* 7.17 rear gears, semi-float tires,
* 1280 Gallon SS tank, integral SS fenders, 50 Gallon rinse
* 80 Ft straight boom, steel, powder coated, triple nozzle bodies
* Trimble 500 with EZ Steer
* Raven 450 Controller, 5 section boom, SS spray tubes
* Honda engine drive