Ag Trucks has been providing custom dry and liquid application equipment since 2005. At that time we believed customers would respond to a company that would build the machinery that fit their conditions and needs, and we were correct. Since those earlier times Ag Trucks has continued to grow year after year and our territory has continued to grow as well.

“Your ideas matterOne idea that we hold dear is to let the customer lead us in the direction that they need us to go to help them obtain the equipment they need. Another idea is that we build equipment that lasts a long, long time. In fact 98% of the equipment we have built over the last 10 years, are still with the original owners. Ag Trucks is proud of that fact. Agricultural practices are always changing and at Ag Trucks, we always encourage customers to upgrade their existing machines with the newer features, before replacing the entire machine. It is an odd concept for a machinery builder to think along those lines, but we buildmachines on the toughest chassis we can find so it just makes sense to us. We build on either Mack truck chassis or the RBR Vector platform.

“Complexity is not necessarily sophistication” Ag Trucks systems have the durability and simplicity that help keep machines in the field. This works because most customers understand gear drivetrains. All the platforms we build are on straight forward tough chassis, built with dependable Allison Automatic transmissions and geared drivetrains. We can usually trouble shoot the hydraulic and electrical systems that we install, over the phone: rarely needing to show up for a service call. This saves everyone involved, time and money. Having stressed simplicity, we need to mention that any features that can be found on other brands can be installed by us on our machines. Including Auto Steer, Auto Boom Height, Auto Section Control, Independent Nozzle Control,  Weather Stations, Air Boom Purge, Tire Inflation Monitors, In-cab Sound Systems. You name it.

Climb a tree, if the bark doesn’t slip” The RBR Vector chassis has the size, power, and stance that allows us the ability to carry large capacity and long boom lengths in the prairies, but also allows us to climb steep hills where mechanical drives truly shine. The Vector Chassis is the toughest platform out there that is built from very generic components. Most of which can be procured at your local parts houses.

“One size does not necessarily fit all” We have options. Ag Trucks specializes in assembling the components that you select, to build the machine that will suit your needs and conditions. We offer dry and liquid systems on Vector or truck chassis. Most of these     systems can be “quick-changed” to another system with in 60 minutes or less.

“Size matters: and we think smaller is better” Smaller companies give better service: because they need to. Our venders are all smaller companies that are still close to the end user and care about the customer. Our customers - are their customers, and we like that. Ag Trucks specializes in ag application equipment … and that’s it. We do not sell or service tractors, combines, lawn mowers or anything that might look like a bulldozer. We build systems that are mostly bullet proof and generic. We want you to be able to procure parts locally if needed...this again, saves time and money. Though our region is large, it is important to us to have contacts in your area who can help us support your equipment. We also only sell products from companies that have a proven track record for service and support. Ag Trucks is very choosey about what we sell and our component manufacturers need to have a strong desire to see their product succeed in the field or we move on.     “Life is too short to mess with anything less”.

Products that we offer:

- RBR Vector: Vector 300 Chassis: 370 HP, Mechanical 4WD Chassis, Large Meritor Planetary Axles

- Mack Truck Chassis: 330-350 HP, Allisons, 2WD Truck Chassis

- SprayflexTruck Mount Spray Systems: 1500-3120 gallon, Mid or Rear Mount Booms 90-150’

- Sprayflex Vector Mount Spray System: 1600, 2000, 2400 gallon, Rear Mount Booms 90-150’

- New Leader Spreader Boxes:  14’- 9 ton urea 80-100 ft spread

- Simonsen Fertilizer Products: 9 ton urea / 85 ft spread, Pull Carts, Tenders

- Specialty Enterprises: American Made Aluminum Truss Style Aluminum Booms to 132’

- Capstan Nozzle Controls: Sharpshooter or Pin Point Nozzle Controls

- Raven, Trimble, Ag Leader, Outback……..etc:  We are a sub-dealer for Raven and Trimble but can install any control system of your choosing.