Capstan Ag Systems a technology based company, specializes in creating new proprietary systems for the agricultural industry, particularly with chemical and fertilizer applications. Headquartered in Topeka, Kansas, Capstan Ag’s inventive process involves research, engineering design and lab and field testing often working in concert with other experts in the field. Capstan Ag maintains ties to strong agricultural departments in a number of universities around North America.

In 1992, Capstan licensed a patent for Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) spray technology, which allowed for pulsating nozzles for a better spray process. In 1994 the first PWM system, Synchro®, could be found in California for commercial custom applications. In 1997, Capstan signed its first large OEM agreement to sell Synchro®.

SharpShooter® with Rate Sync™ uses Blended Pulse­™ technology featuring Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) to maintain constant sprayer pressure no matter what rate or speed your sprayer is travelling. SharpShooter with Rate Sync's unique ability to control pressure and rate provides an unprecedented operational range for your sprayer. SharpShooter with Rate Sync allows up to an 8:1 speed range which means you can choose one tip that can apply from 3 mph to 24 mph while still maintaining constant pressure, rate and droplet size.

  PinPoint provides everything the name implies – pinpoint accurate product application and significant gains in efficiency. PinPoint combines all the features of Capstan Ag’s patented blended pulse-width modulation (PWM) technology coupled with individual nozzle control solution. This pairing offers the most extreme and precise application control on the market.

   PinPoint's accurate product placement is achieved through Capstan’s unparalleled approach in application management. Through PWM flow is instantly modified at each nozzle location for immediate on/off at the nozzle meaning no more start/stop spray build up and bleed downs. PWM allows the operator to set a constant pressure and achieve a wide range of speeds and rates without changing droplet size or even changing tips.  Driftable fines are a thing of the past because PinPoint radically reduces drift.

   Coupling PWM with PinPoint's individual nozzle control means your sprayer will now adjust each nozzle independently. Flow to each individual nozzle can be managed for individual nozzle section control, turn compensation – adjusting flow across boom to maintain even application rate through a turn, variable rate by nozzle, and an endless number of advantages to the quality of your spray application.

   PinPoint improves application quality it also provides gains in productivity and sprayer efficiency. PinPoint allows higher average field speeds through the pressure management system – PWM provides a large range of flow through a single orifice and you are no longer confined to the small range of a single tip. PinPoint instantaneously and automatically changes the flow through each tip to appear as if changing to any number of different tips through your speed and flow range.

   PinPoint created the simplest environment ever to operate a sprayer. Ever find yourself speeding up, slowing down, manipulating the target rate, over driving your sprayer, operating at minimum flow, or any number of application practices to manage your pressure? With PinPoint just set the pressure and start driving knowing that you will be on pressure 100% of the time allowing you to drive your sprayer to the field conditions and not the limitations of your tip. 

   Nozzle-valve diagnostics and a graphical display of each nozzle informs you about the sprayer so you can concentrate on driving around obstacles. Nozzle diagnostics monitors the health of each nozzle valve to ensure correct operation. Your PinPoint system alerts you when there is an issue.

   PinPoint's revolutionary feature is turn compensation. When you turn on corners, the sprayer's outside of the boom under applies resulting in increased weeds from lack of coverage; the areas inside the turn are damaged due to over application. With PinPoint's turn compensation your field corners will have better results because a consistent chemical application is being applied across the boom. PinPoint Turn Compensation = No Burn in the Turn.

   PinPoint also provides a remote control for nozzle operation outside the cab. The PinPoint key fob acts like a vehicle's remote; lets the operator stand behind the boom and turn ON/OFF individual nozzles or nozzle sections. With the key fob, the operator can quickly diagnose or check tips for proper operation without constant trips to the cab to toggle sections ON/OFF.